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Joke of the Day – Confinement Period

April 28, 2013 1 comment

It may sounds like a joke but is a fact.  You may have doubt about the traditional Postnatal confinement period do’s and dont’s.  You may have listen a lots of comment on what you can eat and what cannot eat during your confinement period after childbirth, some with good reason and some without.  End up, a lot of question mark around us. :p


Mother: Cannot eat fish.  Reason: fish may cause the lochia (vaginal discharge) being a little smelly.

Mother in-law: Eat fried Threadfin fish and Grouper only.

Confinement Auntie: Can eat many types of fish, can be either steam or fried, e.g. threadfins, grouper, cod fish, mackerel, red snapper & etc.  Fish is especially good for Breast feeding mother.

妈妈: 不可以吃鱼 . 原因:鱼可能会导致恶露(阴道分泌物)有点臭。

家婆: 只可以吃马友鱼和石斑鱼,一定要吃煎的。

月婆: 只要没有毒的鱼都可以吃 ,蒸或煎都可以。(如: 马友鱼,石斑鱼,鳕鱼, 斗昌,马鲛鱼, 红鳄鱼等)。对母乳喂养的母亲特别好

Chicken, Egg and Pig Liver

Mother: Can eat.

Mother in-law: no indicate, should be OK to eat.

Confinement Auntie:  The reason chicken, eggs and pig liver are not really recommended during the first 10 days is that there may be a delay in any wound healing properly and may cause itchy wound or inflammation..

鸡, 鸡蛋和猪肝

妈妈:  一生了小宝宝就可以吃。

家婆: 没特地注明(意识应该是可以吃)。

月婆: 生产后的的十天里最好不要吃,尤其是开刀。 会造成伤口发痒或发炎。


Mother: Cannot eat vegetable, its cooling.

Mother in-law: Only can eat 2 types vegetable (can’t really remember which 2 type)

Confinement Auntie: We should have to maintain well balanced diet and vegetables is good for digestion system.  Try to avoid those vegetable which contain cold, spicy and rich in phytic acid.


妈妈: 不可以吃,蔬菜凉。

家婆: 只可以吃两种。(忘了那两种)

月婆: 要吃蔬菜,营养才会均匀。上厕所才不会有问题。只要不吃那些带有寒凉性, 辛辣刺激性和富含植物酸的蔬菜就可以了。

专家: 产后吃蔬菜一定要新鲜;要富含维生素,矿物质,以补充妈妈及宝宝的需要。 要富含纤维素,润肠通便,可防止妈妈便秘。妈妈吃蔬菜种类要丰富,经常更换。 摄入量也要适当,蔬菜水果每天吃500~1000克。






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