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Taiwan Free and Easy Trip Day 6

July 17, 2016 2 comments

Taiwan (Hua Lien, Jiu Fen & Shi Fen) Free and Easy Trip Day 6


Day 6

Day 6 Itinerary: Shimizu Cliff, Shi Fen Sky Lantern, Jiguashi Golden Waterfall, Yin Yang Sea and Jiu Fen Old Street.



Xiao Cun and us. Another fun day waiting for us to explore, Yeah!!


Shimizu cliff 清水斷崖

Between the two point of Su-Hua Highway and Pinzi Zonta is a great wonders of the east coast of Taiwan.  Shimizu high cliff nearly 90-degree angle close to the Pacific Ocean, stretching over 21 km road, winding side is cliffs, the side is the waves of the Pacific.

Qing Shui 3

Shimizu Cliff and Pacific Ocean view at the side of Su-Hua Highway.


Qing Shui 1

Beautiful Ocean




Qing Shui 2

One of the Dangerous Road Path in the World Record.


Taikoro 2

This is the Entrance for the only paved road across the Central Mountains from Taichung City to Hualien.


Taikoro 1

Taikoro George



After almost 2 hours drive from Hua Lien, we stop at Yilan to have lunch.

Yilan Airforce base

Yilan Airforce base and Harbour Front


ShiFen Sky Lantern 十分天燈

There is a popular saying that there are “Sky lanterns up north, beehive rockets down south.”  The former refers to New Taipei City’s Pingsi Sky Lantern Festival, and the latter refers to Greater Tainan’s Yanshui Beehive Rockets Festival.  According to folk custom, sky lanterns and firecrackers are ways of praying for peace and prosperity, so the more there are the better.


Shi Fen 1

Shi Fen Old Street for eat, shop and play. 🙂


Shi Fen 2

The shops in Shi Fen are along the Railway.


Shi Fen 6

Two famous shops (Ji Xiang shop and Hu Jia shop) selling Sky Lantern.


[北天燈 南烽炮」流傳已久,平溪天燈又稱孔明燈,傳說最初是諸葛亮因軍事所需而發明,也有傳聞因其造型如諸葛亮的帽子而得名。 天燈製做以竹枝為骨架,外敷貼宣紙,施放時同熱氣球原理,點燃下繫已浸泡過煤油的金箔紙,待天燈受熱膨漲即冉冉昇空。


Shi Fen 5

Sky lanterns are also known as Kung Ming lanterns.


Got people shouting: "Train coming, please stand aside." So fun

Got people shouting: “Train Coming, Train Coming, please stand aside.” So fun!


Steven busy on writing

Steven and Edwin busy in writing 🙂


Yin Yang Sea 阴阳海

The Yin Yang Sea is one of the unique sites in Taiwan, located near Shuinandong in Rueifang Township.  This phenomenon gets its name due to the intense contrast between the yellowish-brown water in the bay and the azure blue water toward the open sea.  The rock around Jinguashi contains large amounts of iron pyrite, and the Northeast Cape is a very rainy area, rainwater enters the rock and leaches out iron hydroxide, which stains the runoff a yellowish-brown color.


Ying Yang Sea

Ying Yang Sea – The yellowish-brown water is natural runoff from a special geological feature nearby.


水湳洞陰陽海,位於台灣新北市瑞芳區水湳洞聚落北側,為台灣東北角濱海地區的一大特殊地理景觀。洞陰陽海因海灣中的海水顏色呈黃褐色,與外海方向正常海水的藍顏色形成鮮明對比,因而得名。 陰陽海是天然礦物所形成的自然現象。


Golden Waterfall 黃金瀑布

The substantial Jin Gua Shi rainfall seeps into the mine shafts through cracks in the surface rock, becoming acidulous water after interacting with the pyrite and energite underground and undergoing oxidation reduction. A natural wonder “Gold Waterfall” has formed where the terrain drops sharply.


Waterfall 1

Jin Gua Shi Golden Waterfall




Waterfall 2

Golden Waterfall is one of the source for Yin-Yang Sea.


Jiu Fen 九分

The town of Jiu Fen is built into the side of the hills slightly inland from the Pacific Ocean coastline.  The main area of interest to visitors are the town’s historic commercial district which is covered by two pedestrian streets: Jishan Street (基山街, which runs along the ridge line), and Shuchi Street (豎崎路, which runs up and down the slope of the hill). The area is small enough to cover on foot. 🙂

Jiu Fen 6

28 Feb is Taiwan’s Public Holiday, Peaceful Day (He Ping Ri).  “People Mountain People See”, very crowded, like queuing to see Ah Mei’s concert. :p


Jiu Fen 5

Time time round unable to buy anything due to the crowd. 😦


Jiu Fen 7

Jiu Fen Walking Street View.




Jiu Fen 1

Jiu Fen Town view.


Jiu Fen 4

Jiu Fen night view from Teahouse Restaurant


Jiu Fen 2

We walk through this narrow penetrate alley to Teahouse restaurant., fun!!  🙂


Jiu Fen 3

Restaurant decoration


After dinner, we go back to Taipei Wing Hotel to have a rest, about an hour drive from Jiu Fen.  Thanks to Xiao Cun for his patient and passion, safe and long hour driving us from Hua Lien back in Taipei.


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