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Penang Free and Easy Trip Day 1


Penang Free and Easy Trip Day I

Penang Free and Easy Trip Day I


Yeah, Penang we are coming…

Penang International Airport

Bird Eye View on Penang Island


For our Penang trip we rented a car to tour around the Island.  We visited several famous Temples, Penang Hill, Clan Jetties, Georgetown, Batu Feringghi, Georgetown World Heritage sites and took some shot of the famous Street Art by Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic.

The weather was nice, slight rain and sunshine, the traffic is smooth, not crowded at all on both Friday and Saturday.  Actually, this is the Birthday Celebration trip for both mummy and baby oh.  Cheers.


Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram Temple

Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram Temple is the largest Thai temple in Penang.  Set just off Jalan Burma (on the way to Batu Ferringhi), the yellow-and-blue temple is also known as Wat Buppharam.

Built in 1845, it is home to a 108ft-long reclining Buddha image, said to be the third largest in the world.

Sleeping Buddha

Sleeping Buddha

The reclining Buddha statue at Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram Temple is surrounded by elaborate images of a gold-leaf covered Buddha in different poses.

Each pose is supposed to signify different things: Buddhists believe that the reclining Buddha, for example, (with his head resting in the palm of the right hand and his head pointing northwards) signifies enlightenment or Nirvana.



Around the outstretched giant Buddha sculpture are a series of hand-painted gold 3D images detailing Gautama Buddha’s story.

Interesting fact: underneath the lounging Buddha are slots where urns containing the ashes of deceased devotees are stored.

Small Buddha

Small Buddha

They are many smaller statues of the ‘Awakened One’ in various guises and a series of colorful statues of Deva’s and other mythical creatures on display, spread out across the temple grounds.


Beautiful Design

Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram Temple is designed in typical Thai-style with sharp-eaves roofs and flamboyant ceilings.  The temple entrance is set off by a statue of a Naga (a Southeast Asian water dragon), while the exit is marked by a Chinese dragon (the East Asian equivalent).

These serpents lay coiled around the feet of two grim green-faced statues carrying hefty swords that flank the entry way: supposedly the statues were designed to ward off unwanted visitors.


Dharmikarama Burmese Temple

Dharmikarama Burmese Temple is the only Burmese Buddhist temple outside Myanmar. 

Located in Georgetown Penang, it stands just opposite Wat Chayamangkalaram Temple, with a pair of large stone elephants flanking the front gates. Inside the pagoda grounds is a Boddhi tree, a wishing pond and apartments for monks.



Devotees have contributed many statues of Buddha, so his serene-faced image can be found at almost every corner in different meditation poses.

The walkways have a series of panels with beautiful murals depicting scenes of the journey of Prince Siddhartha (dressed in typical Burmese fashion) achieving Nirvana and becoming Buddha.



Built in 1805, one of the most notable features found in the Dharmikarama Burmese Temple are two Panca Rupa (guardian protectors of the world) images, which stand over a globe. 

These mystical creatures are said to be the masters of water, land and air respectively and have the head of a lion, trunk of an elephant, body of a fish, wings of the mystical Garuda, ears and hooves of a horse, and the horns of a deer.

Burma Temple

Burma Temple

The first Buddhist temple in Penang, the Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple is one of two major Buddhist temples located within the Theravada Buddhist co-op on Burma Lane.  It was built on land donated by a Buddhist devotee known as Nyonya Betong.


Kek Lok Si Temple

Standing on a hilltop at Air Itam, near Penang Hill, Kek Lok Si is the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. The complex is divided into three zones while the temple grounds comprise the hill entrance, souvenir, food and drinks stalls and the turtle liberation pond.

The mid section of the temple houses temples, gardens, the pagoda and the four heavenly kings pavilion; meanwhile the hilltop plays host to an enormous statue of the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin as well as more gardens and temples.

Kek Lok Si

Kek Lok Si

Comprising a series of monasteries, prayer halls, temples and beautifully-landscaped gardens, this national icon was built in 1890 by Beow Lean, a devout immigrant Chinese Buddhist. 

The ten-acres site was purchased in 1893 and the initial temple structure was built on the summit of He Shan.  20 years later, the two-decade long additional construction of this sprawling house of worship is largely funded by donations from the Penang Straits Chinese community.


Tram to Bronze Statue of Kuan Yin

Kek Lok Si is both carved into the rock face as well as perched atop the slopes of Air Itam. The main attraction here is the impressive pagoda of Rama VI and at the center of the complex, the seven-storey, 30-metre high tower is acknowledged as the ‘face’ of Kek Lok Si. Topped with a Burmese crown, Ban Po Thar – the Ten Thousand Buddhas Pagoda – displays a collection of alabaster and bronze Buddhas and has a Chinese octagonal base while its middle tiers are of Thai design.

The Hall of the Deva’s are statues of the Four Heavenly Kings – each of the Kings allegedly controls one of the four points of the compasses – Kwang Mu (Guardian of the West), Tou Wen (Guardian of the North), Ch’i Kuo (Guardian of the East) and lastly Tseg Chang (Guardian of the South).

4 Heaven Guardian

The 4 Heavenly King

At the highest level there is a 36.5 metre-high bronze statue of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy; in the future 16 ornately decorated bronze columns supporting a roof over the statue, as well 1000 two-metre high statues of the goddess are planned to be built.




Penang Hill

Penang Hill was the first colonial hill station developed in Peninsular Malaysia.  Comprising Western Hill, Bukit Laksamana, Tiger Hill, Flagstaff Hill and Government Hill, it is located six km away from Georgetown. 

Penang Hill

Penang Hill

Set 821m above Penang’s capital, islanders call it Bukit Bendera and it is generally about five degrees cooler than Georgetown.

It is the last patch of tropical rainforest in Penang so the flora and fauna here have been protected since 1960.  Today, the ridge on top of Penang Hill is known as Strawberry Hill.

Penang Hill Top

Penang Hill Top

From the top of Penang Hill on a clear day you can see the mountains of Langkawi, north Kedah and Penang Bridge but it is the night time sight of lit-up Georgetown that is especially rewarding. 

The most popular way to the top of the hill is the Penang Hill Railway.  Located at the foot of the hill, this Swiss-designed funicular starts out from Air Itam. 

Built in 1923, it is one of the world’s oldest funicular systems and has a 2,007m-long track that climbs the hill at a crawling 30-minute pace. It was recently upgraded and replaced by a newer and faster Tram system.

Hill Railway

Hill Railway

There is a food court, fruit and souvenir stalls, some gardens, an exuberantly decorated Hindu temple, a mosque, a police station, a post office and an 11-room hotel (Bellevue Hotel) at the upper funicular station: the original funicular train, built in 1897, is also on exhibit here.


Batu Feringghi

Batu Feringghi is one of Penang’s most popular destinations (in fact, it’s the second most popular destination after Georgetown), Batu Feringghi consists of a long stretch of soft, white sandy beach along a winding road named Jalan Batu Feringghi, filled with a host of accommodation and dining options.




Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock

Hard Rock Hotel

With busts of The Beatles in the lobby and autographed Sex Pistols albums in the corridors, there is little doubt about the four-star Hard Rock Hotel Penangs theme – its extravagant Vegas-ques vibe is a refreshing departure from traditional beach side hotels.


Display Gallery in Hard Rock Hotel

Everything spells stardom, from the giant music-related murals and rock star memorabilia to the open-air lobby with a reception/bar combo.

The hottest action revolves around the energetic Hard Rock Cafe, which acts as regular host to live bands. 


Pool Side View


Charcoal Steamboat Dinner


Traditional Charcoal Steamboat Dinner


We went far a nice traditional style charcoal steamboat dinner in the evening together with some family members.


  1. Anonymous
    January 15, 2014 at 9:30 PM

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos.

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    Everything is very open with a precise description of the issues.
    It was definitely informative. Your website
    is extremely helpful. Many thanks for sharing!

  3. December 1, 2014 at 9:55 PM

    Hi, I am going to Penang soon,but only stay 1 night, can you teach me how to plan the trip? I will be reaching Penang at about 1pm, I would like to visit the temples that u mention and also night market.. I need to leave Penang at about noon next day to langkawi.. What can u suggest? U drive on ur own or rent car with a driver?

    • December 3, 2014 at 8:28 PM

      We rented a car with driver. The driver pick us at airport. From Airport, u can go to snake temple, jz near by only. Then proceed to Kek Lok Temple, sleeping Buddha Temple. After check in hotel, hv a rest then go to night market. Normally, there hv taxi driver in front of the hotel.
      Wish u hv a nice trip in Penang.

      • Anonymous
        December 4, 2014 at 1:50 PM

        thank you

  4. Anonymous
    January 20, 2015 at 11:32 AM

    May i know the fee for the car rent and driver?

  5. Vandy
    May 18, 2015 at 5:33 PM

    Hi, can you share the taxi that you book? vandy_lim@hotmail.com thank you

    • June 10, 2015 at 9:10 AM

      Sorry for the late reply. We r engage Henry to drive us to tour around Penang. His phone is 0164867681.
      Wish u to hv a great time in Penang. Cheers.

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