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Japan Hokkaido Trip 北海道 – Day 7


Hokkaido -Lake Akan



This morning, we enjoyed by relaxing in the quiet surroundings of our fabulous onsen hotel.


Beautiful Flower


Bye Bye Lake Akan



Onneto Observatory

The Onneto Observatory is the most ideal spot to view Lake Onneto.  With the onset of the tourism season there are many tourist around.

Lake Onneto Reaches 623 Meters Above Sea Level

Hokkaido Lake Onneto was formed by an eruption of  lava from Ponmachine shiri, the main summit of Mt. Meakan-dake, and represents the western most point in Akan National Park.  In the Ainu language, the “onne” in “oneto” means “ancient or large” while the “to” in the name means “lake or marsh”.

Onneto is also referred to as “Goshiki-numa” (“five-colored marsh“) due to the various hues taken on by the lake depending on the weather, the direction of the wind, and the vintage point from which the lake is seen.


Mt. Meakan-dake and Mt. Oakan-dake are Side by Side

Mt. Oakan-dake (Male Mountain) and Mt. Meakan-dake (Female Mountain) are both volcanoes whose eruptions formed the landscape around Lake Akan.



Mt. Oakan-dake, 1,371m above sea level is situated at the south west tip of the Chishima Volcano Belt and emerged approximately 10,000 years ago in the center of the Akan Caldera.  The dignified, inspiring form of Mt. Oakan-dake is referred to in the Ainu language as Pinne shiri (Male Mountain).

Mt. Meakan-dake



Hokkaido Mt. Meakan-dake is positioned south west of Lake Akan and rises 1,499m above sea level.  Volcanic activities commenced approximately 20,000 years ago.  The present-day complex features of this mountain came about through the steady emission of white volcanic smoke and countless eruptions over the course of its history.  In the Ainu language, Machine shiri means “Female Mountain.”

Mt. Oakan-dake

Meakan remains active and frequently emits sulphur fumes, the last occurred was on 21 Mar 2006.



At the town’s eastern end, walking trails lead through the forest and along the lake to bubbling mud pools known as bokke.  The trails start next to the Akan Kohan Eco Museum Center where information on Akan National Park and its wildlife is available.


This way to Akankohan Eco Museum


Akankohan Eco Museum and Sight Seeing Ferry Terminal


Beautiful Scenery of this Chinese Movie was Shoot in Lake Akan and Hokkaido



After lunch at Jusco, we proceed to Kushiro Airport to take Domestic Flight back to Tokyo.

Departure Gate at Kushiro Airport


Famous Cow at Kushiro Airport


Owl is Lucky Animal cos in Japanese is called “Bu Ku Lao” Meant Easy Life.


Crane at Kushiro Airport



Tokyo Train


Train Ticket from Domestic Aiport to Haneda Int’l Airport – Specially Arrange by Tour Guide


Inside the Train


Shopping at Haneda International Airport, Tokyo, Japan.

Haneda Int’l Airport, Tokyo, Japan


Beautiful Kimonos, very expensive.


Hello Kitty Shop at Haneda Int’l Airport


Duty Free Shop at Haneda Int’l Airport


Sirotan Shop at Haneda Int’l Airport


Sourvenir Shop at Haneda Int’l Airport


Hokkaido Places Visited


Japan Hokkaido Trip

We reached Changi Airport at 5.08am, 47 minutes early, the pilot could have looked at Tokyo time oh.


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    BTW, are you follow travel agency? Really like your trip plan! can share how to book it for my honeymoon trip? Thanks in advance!

  6. Carol
    March 11, 2014 at 7:53 AM

    Hi cc yee, Read ur blog on korea n hokkaido and it was really informative.

    Am planning to sign up for a tour package in mid may (with my brother and parents) and was wondering which of the trip u prefer?

    I can’t decide between hokkaido or korea/jeju. My dad has slight breathing problem so can’t walk too fast or do too strenuous activities.. Is there a lot of climbing involve in jeju?

  7. Anonymous
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    I have read several blogs on Hokkaido and I must say yours is the most informative and well presented. Cheers!

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      Thanks for visit our blog.
      The hotel was arranged by the travel agent. So, we no any recommendation for it.
      Hope u hv a great holiday ahead. Cheers.

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      So sorry, I’m can’t really remember the hotel name. Cos, we join tour.

  11. Helyn Neoh
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    hi thanks for the info. i plan to have family trip on Jul/16 to Hokkaido. May i know u travel on private tour ? and how is the weather on Jul ? can i have the tour agent contact pls ? thanks.

    • January 20, 2016 at 6:10 PM

      Thanks for visiting our blog. We visited Hokkaido in end Jun, the weather is nice, abt 16 to 26 degree.
      You may contact Edmund at http://op.globalexplorer.com.sg
      Wishing u and ur family have a great holiday in Hokkaido.

  13. SK Lim
    July 24, 2016 at 7:45 PM

    Hi cc yee, may I know which travel agent you join for your trip. Thanks.

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      Thanks for visiting our blog. Is free and easy trip. We rent a car cum driver cum tour guide for the trip.

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    • July 27, 2016 at 5:30 PM

      So sorry, I hv mistaken ur enquiry. U r right, for Hokkaido trip we joined travel agent, Chan Brothers. Thanks.

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